The Ichneumon Wasp is a prehistoric parasitic wasp. They are the main cause of the induced psychosis and murders in the town of Fortitude throughout the series. They incubated in the body of the mammoth for thousands of years, preserved by the permafrost. However, when the frost melts, the prehistoric parasites are released into Svalbard.

Chain of InfectionEdit

Stage 1Edit

The wasp injects minuscule eggs into the bloodstream of the primary host. These congregate around the salivary glands and develop into larvae. The larvae manipulate the central nervous system and brain of the host, inducing uncontrolled psychosis which results in them creating a cavity in another person to deposit the larvae into.

Stage 2Edit

Once the primary host has secured a secondary host, the larvae are deposited into the secondary hosts body (in the form of black specked saliva). The larvae then grow and hatch inside the secondary host, slowly consuming them from the inside.

Primary Hosts (Attackers)Edit

Secondary Hosts (Victims)Edit