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Hildur Odegard
Governor Odegard 001.jpg
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relationships Eric Odegard (Husband)
Occupation(s) Governor

Chief of Police (de facto)

Portrayer Sofie Gråbøl

Hildur Odegard is the current Governor of Fortitude and the wife of Eric Odegard.


Hildur was born in Holstebro, Denmark on September 27th 1968. At some point later in her life she moved to Norway to study Law and Criminology, later becoming a lawyer and entering Norwegian politics. She has lived in the region of Svalbard for over 20 years, having first visited the glacier near Fortitude on her honeymoon with Eric.

With the mines surrounding Fortitude being stripped of resources, Hildur's main concern became the towns decline. Her flagship project, three years in the making, is the development of a glacier hotel outside Fortitude to boost tourism and guarantee the town's existence when the once thriving mines are forced to close.

Season 1[]

The season opens with Hildur preparing to address investors for The Glacier Hotel, and instructing Sheriff Dan Anderssen to issue the dying Henry Tyson with an order to return to the mainland, as dying is forbidden in Svalbard due to the preservative nature of the permafrost. She later argues with Professor Charlie Stoddart with regard to a report he was set to publish confirming the suitability of the glacier for building to start.

She is alerted by Dr Margaret Allerdyce of the possibility of a polio infection, as Liam Sutter displays the symptoms, but holds off any action until tests are performed, and is shown visiting Eric who is in hospital with a broken leg. After a seemingly successful pitch to the delegates, Hildur is informed by Dan Anderssen that Charlie Stoddart has been killed. Initially believing it to be a bear attack, she locks down the town, but lifts the lock once it is determined to be murder. After comforting Patricia Stoddart after she arrives in Fortitude, Hildur is shown to delete a voicemail message from Trish's phone from Charlie, who implies that something has been found on the glacier which could jepordise the hotel being built. Enraged at her actions, Trish confesses before leaving that she has been having an affair with Eric Odegard.

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