Fortitude is a large mining town, located in a yet unspecified region of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. It is located on the coast and within walking distance of a glacier.


Fortitude is run by Governor Hildur Odegard, who also acts as Chief of Police. It is unclear in the series whether the governorship of Fortitude is synonymous with the real life governorship of Svalbard as a whole.


Fortitudes main source of income over the years was through mining and fishing. However, as the series begins, there is a greater focus on preparing the town for tourism, as the mines have been stripped of all resources. The main proposed tourist attraction is The Glacier Hotel, the brainchild of Governor Odegard.

Law EnforcementEdit

As Svalbard is a territory of Norway, the Norwegian Police Service is responsible for the policing of the town. They are led by Sheriff Dan Anderssen. Other officers include Eric Odegard, Petra Bergen and Ingrid Witry. The police station is located within the main Government Building.

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