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Eugene Morton
DCI Morton 001.jpg
Gender Male
Hair color Bald
Status Deceased (shot by Henry)
Family Two unnamed children
Occupation(s) Detective Chief Inspector

FBI Agent (Formerly)

Portrayer Stanley Tucci

Eugene Morton is a Detective Chief Inspector with the London Metropolitan Police who is summoned to Fortitude to investigate the deaths of Billy Pettigrew and Professor Charlie Stoddart. He specialises in forensics.


Morton was born in New York, United States on June 1st 1960. He had a stepfather who passed away due to cancer.

In the 1980's, Morton worked for the FBI, and was a member of the team sent to investigate the aftermath of the Lockerbie bombing in Scotland. There he fell in love with a local woman, prompting him to move to the UK. At some point after he gained British citizenship and began working for the London Metropolitan Police.

Season 1[]

Morton is summoned to Fortitude seemingly after the gruesome murder of Professor Charlie Stoddart, who was a British citizen. However it is later revealed his arrival was prompted by the death of Billy Pettigrew three months prior.

He is single-minded in his pursuit of the truth, not caring who he upsets in the course of the investigation. His blunt methods quickly gain him enemies in the small town, including hostility from the local police. Sheriff Dan Anderssen is hostile toward him due to his methods (such as breaking the news of Stoddard's death to his wife before Dan). Eric Odegard shows similar hostility after Morton deduces he and Trish Stoddart are engaging in an affair, threatening to tell Hildur Odegard unless he is provided with information. Morton is quick to help Vincent Rattrey, who is detained in the police station after finding Stoddard's body.

Memorable Quotes[]

"Confess... Confess, or you will never be at peace"