Elena Ledesma
Elena Ledesma 001.jpg
Gender Female
Status Deceased
First episode Season 1, episode 1
Last episode Season 2, episode 9
Portrayer VerĂ³nica Echegui

Elena Ledesma (formerly Esmerelda Sorolla) is a waitress at the Midnight Sun Hotel in Fortitude and the mistress of Frank Sutter.


Prior to moving to Fortitude, Elena was known as Esmerelda Sorolla and lived in Spain. There, she and her boyfriend murdered a man called Ricardo Scelsi, which she served several years in prison for. It is mentioned by Dan Anderson (Richard Dormer) that she shared joint enterprise for the crime with her boyfriend and that Scelsi was apparently harassing, threatening and abusive towards Elena.

The only person who knows the truth about her is Dan, although it hasn't stopped him from falling for her. At the beginning of the series she is having an affair with search and rescue officer and former British army pilot, Frank Sutter (Nicholas Pinnock) and is with him when Liam Sutter leaves the house to kill Professor Stoddart (Christopher Eccleston). It is shown in flashbacks that Elena was raped by Billy Pettigrew thus being the reason Dan cuffed him to the pole to be eaten by the polar bear. When Carrie Morgan (Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips) returns from Fortitude after leaving with her father Ronnie Morgan (Johnny Harris) Elena is tasked with taking care of the little girl. Later in the series, Jason Donnelly is infected with the wasp parasite and kills Ronnie Morgan, hiding his dying and infected body in the cupboard of Ronnie and Carrie's house. This causes Elena to become infected and Dan is forced to shoot her, the woman he loves, when she attempts to kill Carrie due to the parasite affecting her brain.

Memorable Quotes

"You know, when I was in prison I met this man. A man who tried to help me. A psychiatrist. He said to me that everyone is made out of many atomos a-atoms? You understand? So for a human being, it takes seven years before every atom, one by one, is replaced with a new one. So that means that after seven years, this person is no longer that. "

"Buena. Ciao."

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